Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Call for Used Digital Cameras

     Photo taken by Sthip  0rozco, a 14 year old boy, with one of the donated cameras.

I have about 2 months to collect some good used cameras for the children on Mindo, Ecuador and I need your help. Do you have any underused used cameras in good working order? 4 megapixels, or greater, that you could donate? The children really appreciate them, and you can see by the photos in this blog that they are great at seeing and capturing what is around them.

A calendar was printed with the photos taken with the
cameras some of you generously donated last year.
Here's a blurb from the calendar:

The idea to publish this calendar is based on the photography workshop of Amy Davies from the United States, who visited SALEM-Ecuador in January 2010. She brought some used digital cameras which she used to teach our children how to take pictures – and a lot of them keep taking pictures with great passion. Some of their pictures were so impressive that we didn’t want to leave them stored uselessly on a computer. In cooperation with the SALEM children, we designed this calendar with their photos and their stories for you to see the everyday life in SALEM-Ecuador.

        I hope to have the calendars for sale soon, they are being
        shipped from Germany and are taking much longer to get
here than I anticipated. Here's a link to

Please drop off cameras, or mail them, to
Yankee Book & Art Gallery,
10 North St., Plymouth, MA 02360 before December 1st.
If stopping by call first to check if the store is
open at 508-747-2691

If you are a member of the Plymouth Digital Photographers Club
you can bring your donated cameras to a meeting. If you
know me personally you can always mail them to my home
or hand them to me when you see me :-)
Thanks for considering the children of Salem.

PS. Good children's shoes are in high demand as well, if you
have some in great condition pass them my way.
Particularly black shoes or athletic ones.

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