Friday, December 31, 2010

Karla from Mindo: 4 year old photographer

Today we walked around town with the kids from Salem, and found nature where we could. As the town is about 6 blocks square, that's not too hard to do :-) We had Karla, or Karlita as her mom sometimes called her, and Paula, her mom with us. Karla is crazy about snapping that shutter on the camera, and took about 200 photos. I posted some of her better ones here, as well as those I took of her taking pictures. She's adorable and stole Joe's heart as well as mine. 

 Karla at Salem before we headed around town, these 2 photos by Maria, another Salem child.

Karla and her best friend.

Paula, holding Karla's hand, is her mother. She may be 18 or 19 years old, and works at Salem helping take care of the kids. She's very capable, but in the States she would be a kid herself. 

Cristian, Susana, Paula, Karla and Joe. Karla stayed close to Joe :-)

Top to bottom: Paula, Susana, Miara, Jose and Karla.

 Paula took this cute one.

Photo by Karla of her mom.

She is so intent with her camera, and only 4 years old!

 This is the photo she took. There were quite a few shots of Joe's middle, her view point tended to cut off a few heads :-)

By Karla as well as the next one.

When we reached the river Karla stripped to her undies and went in.  Her mom joined her and they played by the waterfall! The amount of  oversight by parents here in Mindo is a fraction of what we do at home, children run free and are not watched closely at all! But no one seems to get hurt and there is more freedom and less fear.

She loves her camera!

Karla started out the day much cleaner :-)

This is her special pose to take a photo :-)

 Karla took these next few photographs, all on her own. I think they came out very well, she's really looking at her world.
Her Mom, Paula.


Joe, she took lots of photos of him :-)

Karla took this one and I took the next one of her taking this shot...

What a great child!

From Joe's Blog

This is from my husband Joe's blog, the 2 of us had  great time with the children!

Today we went back to SALEM to spend some more time with the kids (see yesterday's post for info about SALEM). The photo above was taken in the Parque Central de Mindo (basically the center of town).

One of the town merchants, Susan and Luis Alban, the owners of  CasKaffeSu, a hotel, restaurant, and wine bar, allowed Amy to bring a half dozen kids into the courtyard to take photos.  They have a beautiful, colorful, and fanciful, Escher-inspired design which the kids enjoyed.

Karla was just bubbling over with enthusiasm, taking pictures of anything and everything with wide-eyed abandon as we roamed the town.  She could also steal your heart away in an instant - she got mine anyway.

Cesar had more fun playing with this wheelbarrow, resting in it, or figuring out ways to get it over the bamboo bar than any child could have doing anything.

Here's Amy with her "kids" finishing up the field trip before going inside to upload the days' fun.

A slideshow with music has them all captivated as each child uploads his/her photos to Amy's computer.

And now it's time for Amy to say goodbye for another year to her "kids."  Cameras for Kids in Ecuador has brought something new and different to these kids who in many cases have lived very dificult lives.  Your help to Amy and/or SALEM has brought the kids joy and unleased wonderful creativity.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

We're in Mindo, Ecuador!

 Joe took this photo of me and children of Salem yesterday on our photo walk, lots of fun!

Cristian took some good photos with 'his' camera, but needs a larger memory card, at 16MB he had to keep erasing images. I have to work on that :-)

Taken by Jose, the cameras and money you donated have given lots of pleasure to these children.

Cristian and Maria helping each other out.
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