Saturday, August 6, 2011

Update on Salem in Ecuador

Here's a link to what been going on at the Salem youth Center for children. If you have cameras to donate, hold onto them until I'm able to collect and store them. At the moment I am moving residences, so everything for Camera for Kids in Ecuador is on hold.

From their website:

Our SALEM centre in Mindo, Ecuador, looks after the most underprivileged children and young people of the village. We try to offer them extensive care and find solutions to their most urgent problems.

Children’s home

There are currently 13 children between 7 and 13 years old in theSALEM children’s home. They stay from Monday to Friday atSALEM and go home to their families over the weekend.

Children and youth centre

The children and youth centre operates as a day care centre attended by 25 to 30 children and young people. Here, they can discover their own abilities and learn to put ideas into action. Local teachers help with homework and our qualified staff offer many possibilities for the children to apply what they have learned. In the craft studio and the sewing studio they can enjoy practical work with many different tools and materials, improving skills and creativity.

‘Comedor Comunitario’

Our vegetarian ‘soup kitchen’ offers a wide variety of dishes for people in need, including the young, elderly and disabled alike. Every day, about 40 people are provided with a good meal here.

Working together with local organisations

While co-operating with other local environmental groups, some of our work consists of teaching about reusing and recycling, as well as general education about the care and protection of the environment.

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