Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Alvaro's Photography

Alvaro lives at Salem International in Mindo, and goes home to his mother's house on Friday and Saturday. His family used to live in Quito and he went to the best school, had a nice house, but everything changed when his dad up and left one day, plunging the family into poverty. His mother brought them to Mindo, but wasn't able to cope when Alvaro became depressed and she asked Salem to take him in. He loved using the camera, specifically the Nikon 5700 that Mary Ann L. from my photo club in Plymouth donated. Always asking lots of questions, wanting to know when I was coming back and using the camera until he understood it well. Jonas has put him in charge of the cameras after I left, at Alvaro's request, and he's set up a sign out sheet and organized the lot of them. It is so heartening to see him blossom and create images of his own choosing, he took the camera everywhere and here are some of my favorites. I think he has a great eye and has captured some wonderful expressions and moments of his everyday life. What do you think?

Alvaro's self portrait. He is 13 years old.

I'm not sure who all the people are he photographed, I wasn't there. I believe this is his primo, cousin.

Sister and half brother.

Current father figure and half brother.

Self portrait in a bathroom mirror at Salem.

His mother and step brother.

His mother and her boyfriend.

I love how he posed these family members against the blue wall!

At school. I think the girl on the right is his sister.


Jonas at school with Alvaro's professor.

His mother and sisters.


At Salem.

A meal at Salem. Jonas kindly invited me to lunch when I was there, a great place to eat, all open to the outdoors. And never cold!

I took these last 3 shots of Alvaro.

He's really into photography!


  1. ... so let me say to you (and you can post for me, if you want them to see it...) that I think Alvaro's photos are great, especially the portraits -- I really like the 8th one down with the baby coming toward us from the doorway... good composition on many!

    Julia B.

  2. Great project. Kids got a great eye for composition. I could learn a few things from him no doubt.


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